hi,Shahar Havivi:
yes, i am working on modifying windows-hostname before_vm_start.
i will make out a workaround  to handle qcow2 format.
im my case i need to add a new hook.

At 2013-09-10 22:32:48,"Shahar Havivi" <shah...@redhat.com> wrote:
>On 10.09.13 22:02, bigclouds wrote:
>> hi, shaharh:
>> recently i work on injecting file into guestvm, i find a hook called  
>> injectfile in vdsm.
>> i have a confusion about   why injectfile hook takes qcow2 format as a 
>> special one which can not be handled?
>> could you tell me your reason?
>> as i know libguestfs certainly can be aware of qcow2 and all its feature 
>> like backing_file  etc.
>> it is a little hard to inject files into a image which has backing 
>> files(maybe backing chain)  especially for images of block type with 
>> thin-providing. like a vm in pool.
>> i am now writing code to inject files into a vm in pool.
>> please tell me your ideas. and my questoin.
>It should work with qcow2, when this hook was written we had some issues that
>we limit the format to raw.
>did you try to modify the hook script? (by removing the qcow only condition)
>> thanks
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