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> Subject: Re: [Users] vdsm live migration errors in latest master
> On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 04:05:34PM -0500, Dead Horse wrote:
> > Seeing failed live migrations and these errors in the vdsm logs with latest
> > VDSM/Engine master.
> > Hosts are EL6.4
> Thanks for posting this report.
> The log is from the source of migration, right?
> Could you trace the history of the hosts of this VM? Could it be that it
> was started on an older version of vdsm (say ovirt-3.3.0) and then (due
> to migration or vdsm upgrade) got into a host with a much newer vdsm?
> Would you share the vmCreate (or vmMigrationCreate) line for this Vm in
> your log? I smells like an unintended regression of
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/17714
>     vm: extend shared property to support locking
> solving it may not be trivial, as we should not call
> _normalizeDriveSharedAttribute() automatically on migration destination,
> as it may well still be apart of a 3.3 clusterLevel.
> Also, migration from vdsm with extended shared property, to an ovirt 3.3
> vdsm is going to explode (in a different way), since the destination
> does not expect the extended values.
> Federico, do we have a choice but to revert that patch, and use
> something like "shared3" property instead?

I filed a bug at:


A possible fix could be:


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