Hi all,

Recently we merged some patches to make VDSM run on Ubuntu. We also have
some packaging scripts in the debian/ sub-dir. You can either build .deb
packages manually or find binary packages from VDSM PPA [1] on
launchpad.net. Once you add that PPA, you can use apt-get to install
VDSM and its dependencies.

I'll setup a Jenkins on my laptop to test the master branch
automatically by build and install VDSM on Ubuntu, then running unit and
functional tests. I suggest when adding a new change, it's better to
make sure it is covered by unit or functional tests. If you change the
packaging code, for example adding new options to configure.ac, editing
vdsm.spec.in, and changing VDSM daemon startup behavior, I am happy to
be invited to review your patch.

I'd also like to listen to your suggestions on this topic, thanks!

[1] https://launchpad.net/~zhshzhou/+archive/vdsm-ubuntu
Thanks and best regards!

Zhou Zheng Sheng / 周征晟
E-mail: zhshz...@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Telephone: 86-10-82454397

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