On 09/23/2013 12:36 PM, Itamar Heim wrote:
> we have some very old gerrit patches.
> I'm for abandoning patches which were not touched over 60 days (to begin
> with, I think the number should actually be lower).
> they can always be re-opened by any interested party post their closure.
> i.e., looking at gerrit, the patch list should actually get attention,
> and not be a few worth looking at, with a "lot of old patches"

I'm coming late to this discussion, but I see that there were some
dissenting views from people who want maintainers to be able to store
"in-progress" patches in Gerrit.

I am all in favour of treating Gerrit like we treat a bug tracker. If
something is opened in the bug tracker, it should be a bug, an open bug
is something to be fixed or closed, not to be left indefinitely. An open
patch needs to be rejected, reviewed, revised or committed. I don't
think Gerrit is the place for in-progress patches (use private branches
for that).


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