Vdsm Sync Meeting - October 21th 2013

Attendants: Dan Kenigsberg, Yaniv Bronhaim, Mooli Tayer, Antoni Segura 
Puimedon, Tony Asleson

 * Pending ovirt 3.3.1 release:
  * Beta build requires SELinux policy that does not exist in EL6:
    * Attempting to push required SELinux policy to EL6.
    * Workaround to allow working with older version 

 * Blocker storage Bug 1020401, please fill us up with more information about 
the issue. Will it make it for tomorrow's build?

 * Our vision of merging recent pending patches to ovirt-3.3 that include 
additional functionality\APIs to VDSM:
  * Generally we don't welcome it, to keep the branch stable as possible. 
Mostly only bug fixes will merge. Try to avoid submitting such patches.
  * We will make the backport to ovirt-3.3 only after proper and strict 
unit\functional tests (which is not usually common, so please provide those as 
part of the patches to merge)
  * Please trigger the verify and be sure that the bug contains rhev-3.3 flag 
before submitting it.
  * Federico - Please provide more strict tests for your new patches - 

 * Libvirt configuring issue:
  * Commit 139308c removed libvirt restart after reconfigure. This requires a 
patch that changes the vdsm rpm upgrade flow. (please review 
  * This patch needs to be ovirt-3.3 only, as the vdsm-tool API was changed in 
master (http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/20100 - this won't get into ovirt-3.3)

 * Functional unit tests fail due to an old python-noise version on EL6:
  * Tony submitted clean up script before tests as workaround.
  * Old noise version is missing noise_xml, which is still a mystery how it 
worked before. Seems that old python-noise ignores xunit file and does not 
produce it at all (correct me if I missed or wrong on the details here)
  * Kiril should update python-noise on slaves.

 * Installing python-cpopen on host that already contains vdsm-python-cpopen 
rpm raises conflicts
  * This issue need to be solved as part of python-cpopen spec.

Thanks for your attendance.

Yaniv Bronhaim.
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