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> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 1:07:08 PM
> Subject: [vdsm] Problem building master on rhel-6.4 according ovirt.org
> While building master on a rhel-6.4 according to instructions at ovirt.org
> [1]
> I encountered several issues:
> 1.)This line:
> yum install --enablerepo=ovirt-beta x86_64/* noarch/vdsm-xml* noarch/vdsm-cli
> Is missing:  noarch/vdsm-python-zombiereaper*
> Is that correct? I'll fix it if so

Seems correct.

> 2.) we need the gluster 3.4.1 repos which we get, but we also get 3.4.0 (from
> resources.ovirt.org)
> so after following instructions we end up with glusterfs-epel.repo.1 with
> 3.4.1 and glusterfs-epel.repo with 3.4.0

This is a bug in the instructions (copied from glusterfs wiki). If a file 
wget creates new file (gluster-epel.repo.1).

Can be fixed by removing the existing file or using proper option with wget.

> Is this a problem? are newer versions considered?


> 3.)  selinux-policy-targeted >= 3.7.19-195.el6.13 is missing (known issue I
> believe)
> It also can be found on-line, can we still build somehow?

I think it is only from brew - but Dan know how to fix this issue with older 
selinux-policy. Hopefully he documented this somewhere?

Maybe we should move the instructions to the the repository, like it was done 
for engine?
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