the only change i see interesting in gerrit 2.7 is:

- New copyMaxScore setting for labels.
  Labels can be configured to copy approvals forward to the next patch

but it's not clear on its scope, considering the mentioned changes in 2.8 release notes on same topic.

I plan to upgrade gerrit to 2.7 in a couple of weeks, mainly to prepare for the 2.8 upgrade later on.

gerrit 2.8 (not released yet) has these interesting changes:

- Configurable external robots.txt file.
  (courtesy of juan hernandez)

as well as:

- Labels can be configured to copy scores forward to new patch sets if
  there is no code change.

- Labels can be configured to copy scores forward to new patch sets for
  trivial rebases.

- New button to cherry-pick the change to another branch.

- When issuing a rebase via the Web UI, the committer is now the logged
  in user, rather than "Gerrit Code Review".

- Copy reviewed flag to new patch sets for identical files.
  If a user has already seen and reviewed a file, the reviewed flag is
  forwarded on to the next patch set when the content of the file in
  the next patch set is identical to the reviewed file.

other interesting changes in 2.8:
- New change screen with completely redesigned UI and fully using the
- Secondary indexing with Lucene and Solr.
- Lots of new REST API endpoints.
- New UI extension and JavaScript API for plugins.
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