Bug 1022961 - Running a VM from a gluster domain uses mount instead of gluster 
is not blocking anymore 3.3.1 release as decided in yesterday oVirt sync 
We have only one bug blocking 3.3.1 release:

Bug 1029584 - create vm does not work with display protocol vnc and operating 
system linux

patch is already in 3.3 branch and just need to be backported to 3.3.1 branch 
(now available again) so hopefully we can have the bug in modified state
later today.
Just after that, ovirt engine will be rebuilt.

I'm not aware of other blockers.
If you're aware of any other blocker, please add it to the tracker bug (Bug 
1019391 - Tracker: oVirt 3.3.1 release)

Sandro Bonazzola
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