we're going to branch and build oVirt 3.3.2 beta TODAY.
A bug tracker is available at [1] and it shows only 3 bugs still blocking the 

Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
storage 1022961 Running a VM from a gluster domain uses mount instead of 
gluster URI
virt    1025829 sysprep floppy is not attached to Windows 2008 R2 machine - 
even when specifically checked in Run Once
virt    1029885 cloud-init testcase does not work in engine 3.3.1

Please provide an ETA for the above bugs.

The following is a list of the non-blocking bugs still open with target 3.3.2:

Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
infra           1017267 Plaintext user passwords in async_tasks database
infra           987982  When adding a host through the REST API, the error 
message says that "rootPassword" is required,...
infra           1020344 Power Managent with cisco_ucs problem
integration     1022440 AIO - configure the AIO host to be a gluster 
integration     902979  ovirt-live - firefox doesn't trust the installed engine
integration     1021805 oVirt Live - use motd to show the admin password
integration     1026930 Package virtio-win and put it in ovirt repositories
integration     1026933 pre-populate ISO domain with virtio-win ISO
network         1019818 Support OpenStack Havana layer 2 agent integration
network         987999  [oVirt] [provider] Add button shouldn't appear on 
specific provider
network         987916  [oVirt] [provider] Dialog doesn't update unless focus 
network         906313  [oVirt-webadmin] [setupNetworks] "No valid Operation 
for <network_name> and Unassigned Logical Networks panel"
network         1023722 [oVirt-webadmin][network] Network roles in cluster 
management should be radio buttons
network         997197  Some AppErrors messages are grammatically incorrect 
(singular vs plural)
storage         1029069 Live storage migration snapshot removal fails, probably 
due to unexpected qemu-img output
storage         987917  [oVirt] [glance] API version not specified in provider 
storage         1016118 async between masterVersion : can't connect to 
ux              906394  [oVirt-webadmin] [network] Loading animation in network 
main tab 'hosts' and 'vms' subtab is stuck on first view...
virt            1007940 Cannot clone from snapshot while using GlusterFS as 
POSIX Storage Domain

Please add the bugs to the tracker if you think that 3.3.2 should not be 
released without them fixed.

For those who want to help testing the bugs, I suggest to add yourself as QA 
contact for the bug and add yourself to the testing page [2].

Maintainers are welcomed to start filling release notes, the page has been 
created here [3]

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1027349
[2] http://www.ovirt.org/Testing/Ovirt_3.3.2_testing
[3] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3.2_release_notes


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