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Subject: [Users] Trouble Upgrading (Fedora)

I am having trouble upgrading on Fedora 19 to 3.3.1.

Two observations:
1) I can't find ovirt-engine-3.3.1, even after a yum clear all; yum

2) There is a dependency update circle involving
python-cpopen-1.2.3-4.fc19.x86_64 and dsm-python-cpopen.x86_64
This issue is fine. Not so smoothly but we had to do that.
cpopen package is published as part of vdsm code in ovirt-3.3 and
On master branch we require python-cpopen formal package that is
shipped with fedora\rhel currently .

Each time you'll switch between newer version of current master (3.4)
to ovirt-3.3 or older you will notice this report
We should break this vicious cycle.

I think it was intended to simplify "upgrade" from ovirt-3.4 to
ovirt-3.3 on Jenkins slaves. But that's plain wrong on a wider context.
The Jenkins issue should be solved explicitly by removing python-cpopen
when vdsm-python-cpopen has to be installed.
python-cpopen should obsolete vdsm-python-cpopen, solving OUR jenkins
issues in the released rpms.

I see this loop too.
python-cpopen spec obsoletes vdsm-python-cpopen, so vdsm.spec don't
need to obsolete python-cpopen. Otherwise, it will generate an
infinity loop during the yum update between these packages.

Therefore +1 for solving that on jenkins

Douglas, before taking your patch to the ovirt-3.3 branch, would you
work with infra@ to get all their ovirt-3.3 vdsm jobs remove
python-cpopen before attempting to install vdsm?

Sure. @infra guys, any specific person to contact to continue this talk?

IRC: dougsland
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