Hi All, 
I have a followup question on what Dan replayed. 

When talking about CPU percentage is it out of the VM's virtual CPU(s) or is it 
out of whole VDS CPU(s)? 

In case of "out of vm's virtual CPU(s)", what will be the best way to get my 
goal(calculating the VM cpu usage percent out of the total VDS cpus)? 
I could count all virtual CPUS in the VDS host and calculate: 

Suggestions will be much appreciated :) 

Dan - 10x for your help 

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> On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 11:29:04AM -0500, Kobi Ianko wrote:
> > Hi Dan,
> > On my current task I need to understand how to extract a number that
> > represents:
> > The VM cpu usage percent out of the total VDS cpus.

> vdsClient -s 0 getAllVmStats

> provides cpuUser and cpuSys per VM. They represent the CPU percentage
> used by this vm in user mode and kernel mode, respectively.
> Note that percentage may be more than 100% for multi-processor VMs.

> >
> > I understand that you have vast knowledge in this section of the
> > system, and I would appreciate your help.

> Yeah, I'm old. But you should not be shy; it's better to ask such
> questions on vdsm-de...@fedorahosted.org so more people could answer and
> more people can learn.
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