we're going to branch and build oVirt 3.3.3 beta on Monday 2014-01-13.
A bug tracker is available at [1] and it shows no bugs blocking the release
the following has been proposed as blocker for 3.3.3 or 3.4.0, not targeted to 
a specific version yet:

Bug 1035314 - vdsm-hook-nestedvt uses kvm_intel-only syntax

The following is a list of the non-blocking bugs still open with target 3.3.3:

Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
infra           987982  When adding a host through the REST API, the error 
message says that "rootPassword" is required...
infra           1017267 Plaintext user passwords in async_tasks database
infra           1040022 vdsm-tool configurre errors when installing vdsm package
integration     902979  ovirt-live - firefox doesn't trust the installed engine
integration     1021805 [RFE] oVirt Live - use motd to show the admin password
integration     1022440 [RFE] AIO - configure the AIO host to be a gluster 
integration     1026930 Package virtio-win and put it in ovirt repositories
integration     1026933 pre-populate ISO domain with virtio-win ISO
network         906313  [oVirt-webadmin] [setupNetworks] "No valid Operation 
for <network_name> and Unassigned Logical Networks panel"
network         987916  [oVirt] [provider] Dialog doesn't update unless focus 
network         997197  Some AppErrors messages are grammatically incorrect 
(singular vs plural)
network         1023722 [oVirt-webadmin][network] Network roles in cluster 
management should be radio buttons
sla             1049343 [oVirt] Disabled Balloon in Add Vm
storage         987917  [oVirt] [glance] API version not specified in provider 
ux              906394  [oVirt-webadmin] [network] Loading animation in network 
main tab 'hosts' and 'vms' subtab is stuck...
virt            1007940 Cannot clone from snapshot while using GlusterFS as 
POSIX Storage Domain
                906257  USB Flash Drive install of ovirt-node created via dd 
                923049  ovirt-node fails to boot from local disk under UEFI mode
                965583  [RFE] add shortcut key on TUI
                976675  [wiki] Update contribution page
                979350  Changes admin password in the first time when log in is 
failed while finished auto-install
                979390  [RFE] Split defaults.py into smaller pieces
                982232  performance page takes >1sec to load (on first load)
                984441  kdump page crashed before configuring the network after 
ovirt-node intalled
                986285  UI crashes when no bond name is given
                991267  [RFE] Add TUI information to log file.
                1018374 ovirt-node-iso-3.0.1-1.0.2.vdsm.fc19: Failed on 
                1018710 [RFE] Enhance API documentation
                1032035 [RFE]re-write auto install function for the cim plugin
                1033286 ovirt-node-plugin-vdsm can not be added to ovirt node 
el6 base image

Please add the bugs to the tracker if you think that 3.3.3 should not be 
released without them fixed.
Please re-target all bugs you don't think that should block 3.3.3.

For those who want to help testing the bugs, I suggest to add yourself as QA 
contact for the bug and add yourself to the testing page [2].

Maintainers are welcomed to start filling release notes, the page has been 
created here [3]

[1] http://bugzilla.redhat.com/1050084
[2] http://www.ovirt.org/Testing/Ovirt_3.3.3_testing
[3] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3.3_release_notes


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