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Change subject: Revert "build tests: Require NOSE 1.3.7 and up for running 

Patch Set 2:

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Line 12: Therefore, enforcing the nose version of 1.3.7 is not possible until it
Line 13: is updated in the repos of centos7/rhel7.
Line 14: 
Line 15: Note: IMO the usage of testing as part of the rpm build seems
Line 16: redundant, adding dependency on development env and not really adding
> I see that I'm in splendid isolation regarding this.
Edy -1 is correct, that patch remove check-patch requirement for python3 nose, 
without providing nose for python 3 via pip.

I think we should take this patch regardless, since currently you cannot build 
rpms on rhel without manually installing nose 1.3.7 from pip (after installing 
pip using easy_install). Since nose 1.3.7 is not really required, and the tests 
are fine with 1.3.0, we should not make life harder for developers using rhel 
testing hosts.

I think the long term way is to install nose via tox (like pep8 and pyflakes).
Line 17: and special layer of protection.
Line 18: We better trust the merged source checks and leave the build to do its
Line 19: stuff assuming all has been already checked.
Line 20: The spec %check may do some build related tests, extending the ones

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