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Change subject: logging: add and use new devel logger

Patch Set 5:

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File lib/vdsm/

Line 142: 
Line 143: 
Line 144: _devel.warning(
Line 145:     "vdscli uses xmlrpc. since ovirt 3.6 xmlrpc is deprecated, please 
use "
Line 146:     "vdsm.jsonrpcvdscli")
> I really don't understand your expectation. I suggest to keep it and focus 
master is 4.1 - logging warnings to a secret logger the user does not know 
about is rude, you should not do this.

We don't control the other programs using vdscli - for example, user programs. 
We cannot spam this programs with warnings.

The warnings module was invented for this purpose - if you enable warnings, you 
get lot of useful warnings from the standard library about old apis that should 
be replaced. But warnings are disabled by defaults since nobody wants users to 
see warnings.

What you suggest, adding user facing warnings is exactly what we did with the 
schema consistency checks, and this was a complete failure. We should not go in 
this way again.
Line 147: 
Line 148: 
Line 149: if __name__ == '__main__':
Line 150:     print('connecting to %s:%s ssl %s ts %s' % (

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