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Change subject: storage: Add inplace virt-sparsify support

Patch Set 13:

File lib/vdsm/

Line 64:     :param vol_path: path to the volume
Line 65:     """
Line 66:     cmd = [_VIRTSPARSIFY.cmd, '--machine-readable', '--in-place', 
Line 67: 
Line 68:     rc, out, err = commands.execCmd(cmd, env={'LIBGUESTFS_BACKEND': 
> I've asked Richard. He is against setting this flag and asks instead, if it
Generally we should not use this flag, but in alignment scan case, after 
investing hours in debugging we did not have a choice.

If this work without the flag we should not use this flag, if it does not work, 
we don't have a choice.

To debug this, you should turn on libvirt debugging and open a bug with the 
Line 69: 
Line 70:     if rc != 0:
File vdsm/storage/sdm/api/

Line 22: 
Line 23: from vdsm import virtsparsify
Line 24: from import guarded
Line 25: 
Line 26: from .copy_data import CopyDataDivEndpoint
> I've asked Adam in e-mail about this:
The idea is to both move the code and rename the schema.

Lets see what Adam thinks about it.
Line 27: 
Line 28: from . import base
Line 29: 
Line 30: 

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