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Change subject: draft: migration plugin proposal - draft 102

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1


File vdsm/virt/vm_migrate_hook.py:

PS1, Line 87: target_vm_conf_by_mac
Can you add the 'vnic' part? ..by_vnic_mac
If we do not use 'vnic', it is hard to understand which mac is it all about.

PS1, Line 100: interface_conf
How about: 'target_vm_iface_conf' ?
Just a nit to keep the convention.

Line 98:     mac_addr = elem_macaddr.get('address')
Line 99: 
Line 100:     interface_conf = target_vm_conf_by_mac[mac_addr]
Line 101:     target_vm_net = interface_conf['network']
Line 102:     if not vm_migrate_plugins.skip_processing(interface, 
It's a bit nicer to go with the positive one and just bail out earlier with a 
It saves a nasty indentation. Influenced by Dan :)

And please separate this one by newline above and below, so we will better 
notice it. It does something unexpected.
Line 103:         target_ovs_bridge = net_api.ovs_bridge(target_vm_net)
Line 104:         if target_ovs_bridge:
Line 105:             _bind_iface_to_ovs_bridge(interface, target_ovs_bridge,
Line 106:                                       target_vm_net)

File vdsm/virt/vm_migrate_plugins/__init__.py:

PS1, Line 27: _DRIVERS

Line 26: 
Line 27: _DRIVERS = []
Line 28: 
Line 29: 
Line 30: def skip_processing(domxml, device_conf):
domxml_iface or something similar.

And a docstring is in order here, explaining what is inputted and what it does.
Line 31:     for driver in _DRIVERS:
Line 32:         driver.create().skip_processing(domxml, device_conf)
Line 33: 
Line 34: 

Line 31:     for driver in _DRIVERS:
Line 32:         driver.create().skip_processing(domxml, device_conf)
Line 33: 
Line 34: 
Line 35: class VmMigratePlugin():
You will need a decorator:

BTW: You do not really need this class at all, you could use a plugin_init() or 
plugin_run() func that is an entry point, replacing create().
Line 36: 
Line 37:     @abc.abstractmethod
Line 38:     def skip_processing(self, domxml, device_conf):
Line 39:         return False

File vdsm/virt/vm_migrate_plugins/external_network_plugin.py:

PS1, Line 1: #!/usr/bin/env python
drop this please

PS1, Line 28: domxml, conf
I think you should specify what part of domxml and conf we are talking about, 
it is not clear when looking here.

Line 27: 
Line 28:     def skip_processing(self, domxml, conf):
Line 29:         custom = conf.get('custom')
Line 30:         return custom.get('provider_type') == self.EXTERNAL_NETWORK \
Maybe extract the first one to a variable so you will not need '\'.
But with Dan comment, you will probably not need the if part at all.
Line 31:             if custom else False
Line 32: 
Line 33: 
Line 34: def create():

File vdsm/virt/vm_migrate_plugins/openstack_network_plugin.py:

PS1, Line 1: #!/usr/bin/env python
drop this please

File vdsm/virt/vm_migrate_plugins/vm_fex_plugin.py:

PS1, Line 1: #!/usr/bin/env python
drop this please

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