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Change subject: sdm: Introduce new SDM.merge verb

Patch Set 2:

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File lib/api/vdsm-api.yml:

Line 9915:         type: *UUID
Line 9916: 
Line 9917:     -   description: The base volume
Line 9918:         name: base
Line 9919:         type: *CopyDataDivEndpoint
> Great for code reuse but this means we're supplying the sd and image twice 
I don't care about engine sending same value twice.

The fact that I can take the same object using the same locks and prepare 
infrastructure is so much more important.

I think we need the same locks here:

- the top volumes are read only. We must use -d so qemu does not touch the top 
volumes, since we may want to wipe them, and we need the data to get the size 
of the wipe.
- the base volume is writable

This is exactly the same as copy data.

If we find later that we want different locks, we will subclass this to 
override the locks.

We will verify that both endpoints belong to the same chain (same domain and 
Line 9920: 
Line 9921:     -   description: The top volume
Line 9922:         name: top

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