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Change subject: Live Merge: Teardown volume on HSM after live merge

Patch Set 3:

Commit Message:

Line 3: AuthorDate: 2016-09-22 15:47:20 +0300
Line 4: Commit:     Ala Hino <>
Line 5: CommitDate: 2016-09-23 00:01:49 +0300
Line 6: 
Line 7: Live Merge: teardown volume on HSM after live merge
> Teardown
Line 8: 
Line 9: If a VM is running on HSM and live merge is performed, the LV isn't
Line 10: deactivated because, the deactivation is done when deleting the volume.
Line 11: However, deleting the volume is done on SPM and this means that the LV

PS3, Line 10: ,
> This comma is redundant.

PS3, Line 13:  
> missing "is"
File vdsm/virt/

Line 4782:             self.vm.enableDriveMonitor()
Line 4783:         self.success = True
Line 4784:"Synchronization completed (job %s)",
Line 4785:                          self.job['jobID'])
Line 4786:         self.teardown_top_volume()
> This must be done *before* we set self.success to True, so it this fails, w
After another thought, I think it is better not to fail merge in this case, as 
the chances to fail here are really low and if failed, probably the env is 
severely damaged
Line 4787: 
Line 4788:     def isSuccessful(self):
Line 4789:         """
Line 4790:         Returns True if this phase completed successfully.

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