Just getting ready to engage Symantec support on this one but thought I would 
see if anyone else has had this issue before.  We run NetBackup 6.5.4 and just 
completed our DR test and had many issues.  The one that concerns us most is 
when we selected all required datasets and executed the restore the job would 
run and seem to indicate all was fine.  We would get a 0 exit code and the 
amount recovered would seem to be about right from NetBackup point of view.  
When the users went to validate the server they would indicate that significant 
amounts of data would be missing randomly throughout the recovery.  Sometimes 
rerunning the job would return the data, sometimes not.  All seemed to be going 
well at the start of our test when we were recovering windows SQL data but once 
we began restoring UNIX Oracle data it seemed to all fall apart. ( Sounds like 
it should not matter but that was the observation.)  At home we never 
experience anything like this and have always been able to 
 successfully restore all data on the first pass.
Any insight or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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