Hi Brian,

Is there a similar free software? :)


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Hi Geoff,

I think I may have what you need.  I started a boutique company that deals 
specifically with managing data storage and reporting on it in unique ways.  
Our Storage Forecaster<http://gsysd.com/gsd/GSD_-_Products_&_Services.html> 
service sounds exactly like what you're looking for.  It specifically does 
storage consumption modeling of your backup environment.  We can provide the 
most accurate simulations of how your backup environment will behave and 
consume storage resources over any period of time.  Additionally, we can show 
you how much money you'd have to spend on tapes, tape storage slots, and disk 
if you use a VTL or DSU, etc. as well as strategies to reduce costs.  It's the 
best forecasting tool I've ever used for being able to accurately budget 
storage costs in a backup environment, that's why I wrote it.  Here is the link 
to a case study<http://gsysd.com/docs/GSD_SF_CaseStudy.pdf>.  Drop me an email 
if you'd like to learn more.  I'd love to help.

Brian J. Greenberg
General System Dynamics LLC

On Sep 10, 2009, at 3:21 PM, Stafford, Geoff wrote:


I'm working on a little exercise to determine what it costs us to backup a TB 
of data (or whatever other size) and, being a computer geek and not a finance 
major, I'm struggling with it a little bit.  Given the amount of pieces to the 
puzzle from media servers, LAN vs SAN backups, physical tapes, virtual tapes, 
offsite storage/transportation, 3yr amortization/depreciation, etc it's 
becoming quite a daunting task.  I'm actually trying to make this a valid 
number vs the Shot in the Dark(tm) method which I've usually seen done with 
these things.  Also, I really don't want to have to spend money on another 
reporting tool to tell me how much I'm spending on backup plus I'm not really 
trying to turn this into a true chargeback model....more like budget 
justification and demonstrating cost savings for removing 'legacy' data.

Any help on the formulas you used or the costs you figure out would be greatly 


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