Actually if you think about it a SAN Media Server is no use as an FT Media 
Server - as it cannot backup other clients.  Strangely it could restore them as 
SAN Media Servers are allowed to do alternate client restores...just not 

William D L Brown

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It acts much like a normal media server and you just do that, you just
have to get the license installed to allow it to be a SAN Media server.

As such it can only back itself up.

If you have direct attached drives you issue.
If you have a library - you can have some drives just used by that
server (but if those drives fail it cannot use any of the other drives
in the library)  If you want your normal media server and your SAN media
server to use any drives in the library you will need to get an SSO
license so they can all share the same drives.

Not that setting up a SAN media server does not make it backup over the
san... if you want that you will have to set up the Fibre Transport -
you will need to look more into that as it only works with specific

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We are about to set up a system with a NBU SAN Media Server to give
the system direct access to tape drives
due to high throughput requirements.

I have not been able to find any documentation on how to install and
set up this. Is it so that we should perform
an ordinary media server installation and configuration? Is it only
the license that is different?


Thomas H. Espe
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