Hello Sagz
Importing media and tapes from a 5.1 system into a new 6.5 is fully
supported, and will work.

Just please remember that it is a 2 step process. 

1 Hour to read the header
4 Hours to read the entire tape.

There is a section covered in this in the Sys Administrators Guide, but
you can check the tool out for yourself by performing the following:

Launch the Administrator Console
>From the main window (If you see it) select IMPORT IMAGES and follow the
Wizard on screen.

Alternatively, on the left hand side of the window is the NetBackup tree
structure. Click on Catalog and on the top left click IMPORT and under
MEDIA ID select the Media in question.

As I said, it is all covered in the Manual :-)
Hope this helps a little bit!

I know from Experience the ADIC Scalar 100 is not good, and when it is
under load, problems arise. If it helps at all, it may be advisable to
ensure you have the latest Tape Drivers and more importantly, all
Firmware on all drives and Robot are at the same revision.

This caused no end of trouble :-(

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wow a lot of great info.

Thanks for the replies.

Here is the story to date:

We found the old robot and drives (ADIC Scalar 100) but we are having
trouble with it (don't know why... its only been sitting for 6 years).
So I'm thinking of doing a tape import route.

After talking to my vendor they want $14k for a new LTO3 drive and $10k
for a used one.  My boss threw the PO back at me. haha don't blame him.

My major question going forward is this:

These tapes were created under NB 5.1

I'm running 6.5.3

Will they import?

Thanks again for all the replies.

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