Jeez, I haven't worked with a SL8500 - just the old 9310s, but I understand
the differences. Does it really take up to 1.5 hours to audit an LSM?
Jeepers! I currently work with a couple of fully loaded ~2000 slot IBM
TS3500s (or whatever the latest designation is), and I'm sure a full
physical inventory doesn't take more than 20 minutes. The only have one
"gripper" too. I've stood there several times and watched the whole process
through the glass panel and I'm quite sure I couldn't have stood there for
1.5 hours. My attention span is not that long.

I can't help with a script or anything to automate what you want to do. But
you might also want to consider how doing this might affect mount times, if
that's important to you. Depending on which LSM(s) your drives are in, doing
this might cause a lot more pass-thrus; the process where a tape gets passed
from one LSM to another. It was a fairly slow operation, although I'm sure
it's been improved since the 9310 days.  But I guess you might have to weigh
up what is more important to you? The time it takes to do a physical
inventory, or your average mount time.

Just some thoughts :)

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 11:17 PM, Justin Piszcz <>wrote:

> Hi,
> I opened a case with Oracle but thought I would ask here.
> If you have an SL8500, it has 4 LSMs.
> Example:
> 1 (2500 slot/filled)
> 2 (2500 slot/filled)
> 3 10 tapes
> 4 10 tapes
> If you have LSMs 1,2 filled to capacity.
> When the robot does its audit after maintenance (opening doors) the robots
> in LSMs 3,4 will finish auditing quickly.  Then its another ~1-1.5hrs for
> LSMs 1,2.
> If they were all equal it would cut audit times dramatically.
> Has anyone written a script or have documentation on balancing tapes
> between the LSMs?
> The firmware at least of 4.14 does not seem to do this for you.
> Justin.
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