Can it be done?  Probably.


Should it be done?  Doubtful.  On our Data Domains we see performance
issues when we're trying to use an image for restore at the same time
we're doing duplications so typically we suspend the duplication if
we're doing a restore.


It depends on what you're using so you'd want to do some tests to check
for performance doing both at the same time.



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Hello All,
We have setup a SLP for the duplication of images to diffrent storage
We are taking a backup on Disk them duplicating it to another disk at
diffrent location and then to tape at same location.
My question is that this all is a very time consuming process.
As first backup goes to disk one:-to tape.Then duplication starts to
disk2 and then 
Is there any way to run both the duplication process simentaneously when
the backup to disk 1 completes.
I mean when backup to disk 1 done: -Can the duplication run on idsk2 and
tape simentaneously.
We are using OST option but it is not offrening us the D2D2T option.
Could somebody put some more light on it?

Thanks and Regards
Pranav Batra



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