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Subject: RE: [Veritas-bu] KMS issues in SSO environment?!


The other doc:  for


Look at the bottom of the doc, and my bad it says Solaris and Lunix as
the operating systems.







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Thank you for your reply.

I am confused. The doc I referenced does not appear to contain anything
that states "Solaris only"?

Can you please provide a link, document#, or Etrack# for the other doc
you referenced?





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The bottom of the doc says for Solaris only.


There is another doc that says on windows servers if you try to do two
encrypted restores at the same time they will fail.. work around is to
only do one restore at a time.


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I am planning for KMS now in my SSO environment.  I am very interested
in anything that your find out on this.  Does this issue occur in all
KMS + SSO installations?




Dwayne Adams



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Subject: [Veritas-bu] KMS issues in SSO environment?!




We are running NBU with a Quantum (ADIC) i2000 Scalar library.
We currently have a bunch of LTO2 drives, but want to switch to LTO4 and
get rid of our inline encryption appliances. We know about QEKM and
QSKM, but are trying to go with a more vendor neutral solution. Also, an
i500 or another i2000 library just to enable a built in feature of LTO4
is going to be a tuff sell to the bean counters. L


In doing my research, I discovered that there is an issue with status 83
errors if you try to use KSM in an SSO environment. There are scant few
technotes, etc.., but once you get deeper into the support matrix,
people seem to know about it.


Etrack #1765730 (Document ID #329579) indicates that it will be fixed in
6.5.6, which has not been posted for download yet.

I can find no indication that NBU 7.x has this problem, or that it has
been fixed. Having lived through all of the major upgrades, I know that
support will be focused on 7.x problems before 6.x problems see
daylight. At least that's the way it was from 3 to 4, 4 to 5, and 5 to


Has anyone received an engineering binary to address this, or were you
able to wrangle more info out of Symnatec? Are you successfully running
KSM right now in an SSO environment? I'd love to hear of any and all
experiences, both negative (and hopefully) positive.


P.S. - Yes, we've tested software based encryption; and the overhead was
so great in our environment (plus the hit we took on compression) that
it just isn't feasible.





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