I think I opened a case on this in the past, AFAIK you cannot restore an oracle datafile without RMAN. Backing up the raw file is fine but if you cannot shut down the database, the backup will obviously be corrupted.


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I guess i need to install netbackup client before i load this java.

I just need a java client option on my ubuntu machine so that i can open my 
Unix/Linux/Sola/HP_UX master/media servers via this.

Like we do in windows.

Please help.

Thanks and Regards

Pranav Batra

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Hi Pranav Batra,

Here i have a master server solaris and 3 media servers solaris,
in my day to day work I use windows but I don?t use the nbu java client, in my
windows desktop I have a X server like Xming server, and do a export display on
the master server for my Desktop like this:

# export DISPLAY=mydesktopiphere:0.0

And start a jnbSA on master server to open the administration
console on my desktop.

I think on ubuntu you do the same and its work fine.

and Regards


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Hello Geeks,

I was using windows operating system for my day to day work .

Right now i have just switched to Ubuntu 9.10:

I am finding ,how can i install netbackup java client on my Ubuntu desktop.

Verion of ubuntu: 9.10( 2.6.31-20 Generic)

Java version i am looking for: 6.5.4

Also,i would be helpful if you could let me know the source from where i can
download the jave to install on my machine.

Thanks you!!

Thanks and Regards

Pranav Batra

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