You have to logical libraries…..


Means you have two libraries … one master controls one and its drives and its 
tapes, the other master controls the other library and its drives and its 
tapes.  The NB masters know nothing about each other, and the virtual libraries 
know nothing about each other.


If you want two MEDIA servers to share ONE library, then create one library.

Add it to your master for control, if your master is also a media server add 
the drives to the server then to NetBackup.

If you want both media servers to share the drives, then on the SAN you Zone 
the drives to both media servers, put in the SSO license.

Once zoned the second media server should also be able to see the drives, add 
them to the OS, then add the second media server to share the same drives you 
added with the first master/media server.


I am on aix 5.3 and have a TS3310 library that I have done this with.


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I have a problem to configure two master servers with netbackup 6.0 MP4


We have two AIX 5.3 master servers installed with netbackup 6.0 MP4. The 
library is IBM TS3500 with 4 drives, partitioned into 2 logical libraries. The 
first server, server1, works ok, but the second one doesn’t. We can install on 
the second one the robot as a controlled robot by the first server (the 
inventory works fine), but when we get to drives it doesn’t install anything 
and the message is “no shared storage option installed”. We have the shared 
storage option installed, but on both servers appears as “Feature: share 
storage option (inactive)” and “valid: no”. The questions are: 1. did anybody 
experience similar problem with the license or maybe it is a configuration 
issue? 2. is there any other way to use the two servers independently of one 


Many thanks!


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