Lawler, Michael C. wrote:
> Good Afternoon all, I'm hopeing a scripting expert is lurking out there 
> someplace for me...or maybe not even an expert, but someone know understands 
> it better than I at least...
> Currently I run a couple of reports manually and I'd like to automate them 
> thru OpsCenter if possible (we don't have Analytics licensed, so it's just 
> the base NOM upgrade) or through a Blat script if it's not possible to get it 
> from OpsCenter...
> Here's what I'm in need of:
> A report showing the backup status of a specific client (easy enough) and if 
> it's a status 1 a list of the skipped files that were missed (havn't gotten 
> his part figured out yet).

bperror -U -problems -t BACKUP -hoursago 24 -columns 250 -client
client_name | egrep "file:"

> A report showing the media ID for the tapes that were used for all of the 
> daily backups for the last week, and another for the full backups used over 
> the weekend (to be run on Monday's and Friday's).

bpimagelist -d 03/22/2010 -e 03/23/2010 -U -media

> Like I said, I get these easy enough by going into NBU and running the 
> reports there, but I don't have it automated yet.  For the skipped files I'm 
> currently going into the job details and doing a copy/paste to get the info 
> we need...not a huge hassle, but if it can be automated why do it by hand, 
> right?
> Thanks for your help everyone.
> - Mike

command line equivalents to GUI reports, here:

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