I had a question about how everyone else utilizes the NICs inside your 
master and media servers.

I have 1 master and 2 media. Like most systems these days, I have 3-4 
NICs in each one. The administrator that setup our existing environment 
plumbed 1 NIC per machine, and the other NICs sit there, completely 
unused. At night, when our backup are running, it isn't unheard of for 
the NICs on all three machine to reach a high utilization level.

This got me to thinking. I've read that you can set an option in the 
bp.conf file and have various clients backup to different interfaces on 
the same physical master and/or media server, but I've never actually 
deployed that feature. I've also heard of a technology called Link 
Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) that allows you to tie multiple NICs 
together to increase the total bandwidth into your server.

Does anyone else employ these technologies?
Does everyone else just plumb one NIC and let the backups trickle in as 
fast as the LAN allows?
Is there other aggregation technology out there that folks are using to 
utilize and squeeze more bandwidth out of those unused NICs?


- Heathe Kyle Yeakley

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