Been getting this error message for a while now in the BMR info collection 
phase of backups for servers running QLOGIC SAN drivers:

  "Received BMR error: The driver 'QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter', of Version 
'' is not compatible with WindowsPE. You may need
     to create a driver package using an earlier version of the driver that was 
WindowsPE compatible. (1)"

Other than back-leveling the QLOGIC drives on SAN-connected servers, has anyone 
found a way around this error so the QLOGIC drivers
 get installed along with the all the other drivers during the BMR recovery???

   And just as an FYI: We have so far been unable to find a way to reconnect 
"data-loaded" SAN LUNS to BMR recovered servers without
   being forced to format the LUNS at reconnect time. That is another 
interesting situation, after the QLOGIC drivers have been manually
   re-installed following the BMR recovery.

We are running NBU 6.5.5. on Windows 64-bit Master Servers.

Thanks Much,
Ed Scheef
Tampa Electric Company (TECO Energy, Inc.)

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