I'm not a Solaris guy so I cannot specifically address a specific fix,
but I would look at the hardware network settings on your Solaris
boxes.  We had a problem with some HPUX systems with a particular
switch where they would not auto-negotiate correctly.  We ended up
going into the bios on the systems and setting them to the 100/full
duplex mode and then they ran fine.  You may find your systems are set
to some level of AUTO and that doesn't work well with switch.

There is generally a way to have the OS report what speed or
connection the box is running at.  This may confirm if the systems and
the switch are having trouble negotiating a speed.



On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 12:34 AM, WALLEBROEK Bart
<> wrote:
> We have a Windows Media server that has both a 1Gb and a 10Gb connection 
> (only 1 however is enabled at a time).
> When running on the 1Gbe interface the backup speeds are normal.  All clients 
> backup at speeds from 40 - 80 MB/sec.
> When however disabling the 1Gbe and enabling the 10Gbe interface (same IP 
> settings) all Solaris clients backup at speeds of 40-50 KB/sec, while Windows 
> and HP_UX clients still backup at the previous mentioned speed (40-80 MB/sec).
> Has anybody any idea ?  The 1Gbe interface goes to a different switch then 
> the 10Gbe fiber cable.
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