You want to go from a windows master to a Unix master...... ho boy!

Been there.... Done that.....

If you want to bring your database with you, then yes, you will need to use 
Symantec services to do the migration... otherwise they will not support you... 
or so they told me.

I had issues with that... don't know if it was because we were going to AIX, 
but we could not get it to work.  They said they had done this before on Linux.

I ended up.....

Keeping my windows master until all tapes expired on it.

I created my new aix master fresh.
Added it to all the clients and made it their master (also added the new media 
And started doing backups on the new environment (upgraded clients after we had 
it working)

The clients still had the old master name in their server list.
If I had to do  restore, I just did it from the old master/media server.

Once all tapes were expired.  I took down the old windows server.
And any time we were in a client properties, we would remove the old server 
names from the reference.

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Hello All,

I am looking to migrate my windows 2003 32 bit  netbackup master/media server 
to Redhat  64 bit enterprise edition.

What I am looking for is for advice what I need to watch out for as far as the 
config/migration etc..etc..

My support contract with a local company suggested to use their professional 
services for this migration.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Ulises Rodriguez.
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