Backup exec and netbackup are using different ports. You can have both
netbackup and backup exec at the same system, but you do not want to run
them at the same time. One backup software is taking every free recourse of
the system. Imagine what two backup software running at the same time.


The above is correct only for backup exec up to 12.5 and netbackup 6.5.

Backupexec 2010 and netbackup 7 are using the same binaries for
deduplication and I'm not sour if they can coexist at the same system. 




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Can a backup run simuntaneously via backup exec and netbackup.


I guess they both use diffrent ports for communication.


I have loaded backup exec and netbackup on same client:-I am not going to
run backups via both but still wanna confirm if this is possible to run
backups using both and that too at a same time.




Using seperate ethernet cards for the data tranfer.



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