Ok, slight correction

2003 servers it gets  Shadow Copy Components:\

2008 servers it gets System_State:\

(but that could be dependent on vsp or vss - not sure)
But my policies say All-Local_Drives and it has gotten theses.

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Windows clients.  At least it never used to?  I had to explicitly put those in 
my file list.  Most of my policies were created under 5.x, now running 6.5.6.  
Maybe something has been ":fixed".
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The ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive keeps you from having to know all the drives 
local to a client. In windoze, it will also grab the system state/shadow copy 
components. You use it to simply catch everything that is local to the client 
instead of having to know ALL of the details of the client.

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Our environment, HP-UX 11-31 currently running one master and media server 
running NetBackup 6.5.2.  Running mostly unix / Linus backups and a couple 
windows b/u's thrown in for good measure.  Let me start this out by stating 
that I just know enough Windows to scrape by and get me into trouble.  That 
said, I'm setting up a backup for a Windows box and have been reading and 
trying to figure out exactly what the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive is used for.  
Why not just create a policy and point to C:\ for example?  Can someone give me 
a simple explanation for ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and when it should be used?

Thanks in advance...

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