"I am looking at the same thing. 

I currently have a working master at my DR site. 

And once a day I replicate the db/images up to a separate directory on my DR 
( I am using the restore without import method - also known as Partial catalog 

But right now I just rdist it up once a day. So if I lost my master here before 
the rdist runs I will not have the current db/images. 

So I am also looking at using Real Time (as it is free for the catalog) to see 
if I can get it to put it into a different directory on my DR master so I can 
still do the restore without import method. With Real Time it would always be 

So with the 'restore without import method' is it laying down the entire 
catalog or just the delta?  With our environment, I'm thinking being able to 
replicate the catalog/db twice a day to a DR location might be sufficient.

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