We have been playing with the new dedup option in a small test
environment pushing data from 2 clients through a windows 2008 media
server to a 2TB lun presented to that same server.  We have things setup
to dedup at the media server, not the client and have each of these 2
clients in their own policy.


After the initial full backup of these clients, netbackup reported
98-99% deduplication on subsequent fulls we ran which is fantastic.
However, even with these numbers inside NBU, the amount of storage being
used seems excessive (currently over 80%).  Support are telling me that
it can take several weeks for the math behind the numbers to actually
start accurately reporting the compression figures but I guess I don't
understand how 2 clients which total about 850GB and have a  minimal
change rate, when reporting 98 or 99% compression inside NBU, can be
using so much space.


Does anyone else have any experience with the dedup option and did you
see similar disparity after your initial implementation ?


As a point of reference, when setting up the disk pool, we took all the
defaults inside the wizard.


Thanks in advance  


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