Hi Justin,

We moved our SQL backups away from NB agent backups to SQL server backups and 
then using NB to pick up the flat files.  The reason for this were the numerous 
issues we were getting with backups and, primarily, restores.

When speccing our SQL 2008 environment, Microsoft advised against using backup 
agents and to use SQL Server to create flat file backups, we haven't seen any 
issues with our mirrored (and clustered) DBs at this point of time.


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Has anyone here backed up MSSQL databases that are mirrored within a 

I have several clients who run a sole MSSQL DB that backup without issue 
in 6.5.x environments.

However, when the DBs are mirrored, if there are processes 
cleaning/migrating data between a mirrored pair, the backup fails.

What is the proper method to backup MSSQL DBs in this instance?

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