This is a basic list of what I've done this in the past:

1) Configure new server to match your old server as much as possible and 
where applicable (interface configuration, filesystems, NBU patch level, 
tape config, etc.).
2) Shut down NBU on original
3) Tar up the entire /usr/openv directory
4) Copy tarball over to new server
5) Untar on new server
6) Swap the hostname and IP so that the new server is the same name (this 
is a requirement to keept NBU working properly)

The tar of the entire /usr/openv directory will capture all your config 
files, settings, scripts, etc. Installing and patching NBU to the new 
server will ensure that everything will function properly when you untar 
it. I've done this on several NBU servers with success. Most were going 
from Solaris 9 to 10, but one or two were Solaris 8 and the process didn't 
seem to be any different. This takes us most of the day to get this 
completed, but NBU will need to be down anyway to ensure everything is in 
sync. You could even mirror/rsync the filesystem to the new server or if 
you have /usr/openv on external storage you swing it over to the new 
server when that is ready. Regardless of your solution to this problem, if 
you don't have much experience with the chosen method, I would highly 
recommend doing this in a test/lab configuration first and prepare a list 
of steps.

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[Veritas-bu] Master server upgrade


I'm planning a Netbackup server upgrade from Solaris 8 sparc to Solaris 10 
on CMT (T5120) and I wondered if anyone might have a check list or plan 
that might have been used to do a similar upgrade? The master is the only 
server in the environment.

At a high level I know I need to do the following...

1. Install the solaris 10 system and get netbackup installed on the new 
2. Stop netbackup on the old server.
3. Restore the catalog to the new server
4. Configure Storage Units on the new server.


1. How are the licenses moved from the old server to the new server?
2. Does the catalog restore include the policies or are they restored some 
other way?
3. What are the gotchas I might try to avoid?

Thanks for any experiences you might be willing to share.
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