Are you aware
That there a know issues with DFSR on netbackup 6.x and above.
And that there are work arounds to get the backups.

Tech docs to read

just for starters.

go to tech site and search for DFSR to find all the docs on DFSR issues.

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Netbackup - DFSR - Shadow Components

My problem is about Windows DFS.

Netbackup Master
Server1: 6.5.4 on AIX 5.3
Client Netbackup
ServerDFS1: 6.0MP4 on Windows 2003R2 with DFS.

On ServerDFS1, there are 2 local disks. On the first, one volume (c:), on the 
second one mounted volume in c:\DFS.
I have a policy in Netbackup to save c: and "shadow copy components".
The problem is that the directories under c:\DFS are saved but not the files. 
It's possible that some directories are not saved...
These directories are in the DFS replication. 
The backup status is 0.

After search on the web and Symantec database, I found and I update the client in 
After the update, the job is blocked on "Entering Writing" and I must stop it. 
When I remove the "shadow components" of the policies, the job is OK. But the 
directories under c:\DFS are not saved.
In conclusion, I start with a problem and after the update I have 2 problems !

Thanks for your help.

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