Are your DSSU's configured as disk pools ?  That may be a step in the right 
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We finally made it to NBU 6.5.6 and I was under the impression it had a
feature that 5.1MP6 did not. I thought that DSSU on 6.5.6 was supposed
to have the ability to spill over from one storage unit to the next.
Meaning that if a single job was larger than the smallest DSSU it could
overflow into another one. Or, if the if one DSSU only had 300GB free
and the job was writing there, but was 500GB in total, the last 200GB
would spill over.

I've been having some really weird problems in DSSU since upgrading. I
saw a 20GB job fail 5 times last night. I would flush all 6 DSSUs and
rerun the jobs only to watch them all fail with Error 129 (unit is full).

Here's our setup:

Six 700GB DSSU's

dssu1 & 2 == Storage Group for Production OS backups
dssu 3, 4, 5 == Oracle Disk Staging
dssu 6 == Staging Server environment's Disk Staging

All DSSU's are set to 15% low water mark and 90% high water mark. Some
flush every 4 hours, some every 5 hours, usually depending on the
storage group, one will flush 4hrs one will flush 5hrs in the group.

Prior to upgrading to 6.5.6 we only had 4 DSSU's, since then we added 5
& 6. Despite having more physical space, we're seeing more errors on
jobs in Production OS and Oracle. Am I just not understanding something

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