I dont think this is the behaviour. From my view, until all images are
deleted or expired, the tape is then free for Backups.


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Dear all,

I have a problem with expired backup images that are not deleted as soon
as it's expired, expecially the ones that are backed up using cartridge
volume pool (not a staging disk).
Here is the condition:
Suppose I have a volume pool named 'BMR' and all cartridges/media IDs in
it are full with multiple retention levels.
Some backup IDs that were using 'BMR' volume pool were expired a days
ago, but all media IDs in 'BMR' volume pool are still having the same
media status (full with multiple retention levels).

I can force the media ID (not the backup ID) to be expired and free it
up by using this command:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -m media_id -d 0 But, by
using the above command, it will delete all of the backup IDs in that
media ID, which I don't want it.

What I want is to delete only certain backup IDs in a media ID and free
up some space in that media ID.
I've tried to use this command:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -backupid backup_id -d 0 But
it doesn't free up some space in the media ID, it just expires the
backup ID.

I've waited for the 'Image Cleanup' to run and hope it will free up some
space at the above media ID.
The Image Cleanup was finished successfully, but it didn't free up some
space at the above media ID.
>From the Image Cleanup log, I guess it just free up some space at the
staging disk only, doesn't it?
If it does, then how can I force the expired backup ID to be able to
free up some space in its media ID as soon as it was expired?

Thank you for helping.

Best Regards,

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