Which hardware vendor(s) is exhibiting the issue?

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This is a known issue... and as far as I know, we are waiting for a fix... I've 
got a case open about this and Symantec is working on a fix, but is having some 
issues with that...

At this time, my windows admins are saying this isn't a huge issue since they 
have to build the machine before we can restore data to it... but I'm still 
waiting on the fix as I'd feel better if this was getting backed up!

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] NBU7 system state backup errors

When trying to backup a new windows 2008 server all my backups go to completion 
ok except system state.
I get this error in the GUI Job Details log

10/14/2010 12:55:09 PM - Warning bpbrm(pid=544) from client scacimm01: WRN - 
can't open file: System State:\Automated System Recovery\BCD\BCD (WIN32 
-536832991: Unknown error)
10/14/2010 12:55:15 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=544) from client scacimm01: ERR - 
Error encountered while attempting to get additional files for System State:\

Anyone have a hint what I need to do?  I am almost positive this is not 
NetBackup's problem but I need to make sure I can do a restore of the system 
regardless of whose problem it is

Doug Preston
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