It may be that you are dup'ing so many jobs at once (high number of write 
drives) that vault grabs fresh tapes and isn't filling them up. It may 
take you longer to fill them up because the tapes are in use elsewhere and 
it would have to wait.

How much data are you actually duplicating and on what type of tape? How 
many tapes have a significant amount of free space? Are you not getting 
good compression (databases, etc.)?

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[Veritas-bu] Getting a handle on vault eject info

 Usually our vaults just work. We duplicate on Tuesday, that finished by
Thursday. Friday morning we eject, Friday afternoon we inject. NOC Staff
handles tape rotation/Iron Mountain returns.

A year ago we averaged 8-12 tapes. 3 months ago we were doing 13-18
tapes. Since upgrading to NBU 6.5.6 a month or so ago and fixing a
couple broken jobs, we're averaging 18-23. Today, we just vaulted 40
tapes. Never have I seen so many in a single vault.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to use all the emails I've saved
(for the last 3 years) to try and compare/contrast to actually
understand what happened that caused this. There's no way it's data
growth, that's simply too large of an increase.

Any pointers on which emails or what data sets specifically to cross

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