Kind of depends on your DBA's  [Wink] At a previous position, all of the DBA's 
(Oracle, SQL and Informix) hated the idea of anything communicating with their 
database that they had no control over (that and they were cheap).

We worked with the SQL DBA to make use of user directed backups.  He basically 
wrote a script to dump the data out of the SQL database and then call bpbackup 
with the appropriate arguments to get the data from local disk to tape.  Yes, 
there are lots of admin headaches with this but it worked well enough for our 
purposes.  He would only complain about twice a month about tape drive 
contention and such.

Let me know if you would like more details on how to setup the policy and what 
command line arguments we used.

Tom Simerson
Sr. Systems Engineer
Sigma Solutions, Inc.

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