try using IBM Data protectier TS76750G , this is a new appliance from IBM 
, it combines the feature of VTL with inline deduplication . Depulication 
works on Hyperfactor technology.

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[Veritas-bu]  Best architecture for deduplication with NetBackup

Jcs, I work at a government agency, Brazil's Central Bank, like the US 
FED. I can't just choose the solution I want to buy. I need to specify 
what I need and wait for the best (lower price) proposal that fits what we 
So I'm doing some PoCs so I can know the players, what features they have 
and what then don't.
So far I've tested the EMC Avamar, IBM Fastback (which doesn't fit) and 
CommVault Simpana.
The EMC Avamar seems to be the one that best fits our needs.
Now we are trying to test the NetBackup but its documentation is really 
We bought the Clariions to store the backup data. That's why I'm don't 
want do buy storage appliances unless the prices aren't to much different 
as you said.


If you're of a size to consider this seriously, you can afford the 
appliances. Especially since the cost will not be a complete shock when 
compared next to comparable NBU functionality licensing. 

Data Domain just *works*. No futzing. Point a media server at it, 
configure replication, done. It really *is* that simple. 

Having said that, Your message doesn't quite make clear why your desire 
to stay with NBU as the core for this is so strong, but ... from your 
description, this is actually a situation where EMC's Avamar could 
possibly be the best solution overall. 

<ObDisclaimer: Just a satisfied customer. Who tried, and hated, NBU 
Dedupe, especially when compared to DD.> 


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