i am trying to set up restores for an exchange dag, and the symantec netbackup 
linux admin guide volume 1 mentions:

The Distributed Application Restore Mapping dialog box contains the following 

 Adds a host that is authorized to run restores on SharePoint component hosts 
or Exchange hosts.You must provide the name of the Application host and the 
name of the Component host in the SharePoint farm or Exchange Database 
Availability Group (DAG).

 For restores to be successful in an Exchange 2010 DAG environment, you must 
add the CAS server to the list.

 Changes the application host or component host of the currently selected 

 Removes the currently selected mapping
when running the jnbSA gui i should click on "host properties -> master 
server".  when i double click the master server and open the properties, i see 
like 25 things i can change, from "global attributes", "universal settings", 
etc, to "login banner config".  a picture of the windows admin console shows 
that between "client attributes" and "firewall" should be the "distributed 
application restore mapping" property, but it isn't there in my linux jnbSA.

in the admin guide, they show a picture for each thing that you can select to 
change, except there is no picture for the "distributed application restore 
mapping",  because in the other pictures you can see that it isn't there to 

is there a command line command that i can run to run to add the mappings?  
also i'm setting up grt, so is there a command to run for nbfsd to allow the 
cas to mount the disk or does the restore mapping take care of that also?

thanks in advance,

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