Hello Sandesh

We have 4 DataDomain systems two at each of our main sites.  We replicate 
between both sites.  We are using the OST option with Storage Lifecycle 
Policies. we are currently running Netbackup 6.5.6.  It is running very 
well.  We do not use the VTL option.  The only problem is that we have 
occasional "83" errors on some of the SLP policies due to a timing problem 
when connecting to the DD unit with the OST plug in, however when the 
policy  automatically re-runs is is fine, we do not have any missing 
replicated copies.  We are awaiting a fix from DataDomain which should 
take care of the problem.  I would recommend this option instead of VTL. 

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We are in the early stages of implementing EMC Data Domain dedupe 
appliance and use Symantec NetBackup. I've a couple of questions about it 
for the experts. 

Plan is to have a DD appliance in 1 location and replicate data to another 
DD appliance in another location. Plan is also to generate a tape copy for 
long term archival at primary location. 

1.OST & VTL are both being discussed. Which option is most favorable in 
the industry? Are there any specific advantages that can make or break 
2.VTL supports LTO3 drives at the most. Does this mean that we need to 
have LTO3 physical tape drives for duplicate copy or will LTO5 drives 

Thanks in advance.

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