If a standard client runs $500 and an enterprise client runs $2000, then
as long as you back up more than 4 virtual machines you are saving a
heap of money. I'm not sure why you need the SAN Media Server, I use a
standard media server that is already licensed and did not investigate
using a SAN media server for this purpose. But the per-VM cost could
offset this purchase easily.

As a real world example, I am currently upgrading a site to NBU 7.1 with
219 VMs on 10 physical hosts. That's 219 x $500 = $109,500 versus 10 x
$2,000 = $20,000 in licenses. This is all ballpark pricing, but we've
completely changed all of our licenses to this model for the savings.

Does this not work for you? I'm certain there are scenarios where this
doesn't work but I didn't think them very common, i.e. high-powered VMs
that consume 50% of the physical hosts' resources. We tend not to
virtualize in these types of cases.


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I have used 7.0.1 with vSphere 4.1, using a SAN MEdia Server, writing to
disk and tape, and it seems good!

The only problems I have is the price!!!!!! Its WAYYYYYY expensive :-(((
But we cant buy it !!! Symantec dont seem to be offering us good pricing


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Well I know with 7.x you can now use the vstorage API. I'm just
scratching the surface on this myself and plan on moving to this method
once I upgrade to 7.1. From what I have gathered so far:

1) You deploy a "vmware backup host" which is basically just a window
machine with an enterprise client license. (I think if you have a
windows media server this can be piggy-backed onto an existing media
2) From there the backup host communicates with the ESX servers directly
and integrates with the snapshot capabilities and pulls the data
directly from the ESX servers. You no longer need clients in the VM
guests. (if you were going that route before)
3) This provides granular file restore for windows and linux clients.
(linux as of 7.1) Still no granular file restore from solaris from what
I have gathered.

I've heard mixed results from people using this but overall it seems
orders of magnitude better than the older VCB method. If your ESX
datastores are on SAN there are some even better methods of backing of
your vmware environments. Unfortunately we are on NAS at my current

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