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> This can be achieved w/o doing a "catalog recovery". You can copy/ftp all 
> your policies and images over. You can move the databases over as well.
> This procedure requires professional services unless you really understand 
> the internals of netbackup. Support will not give you help with doing this. 
> (at least this is what I was told) Since your going from windows to windows 
> this might not be a requirement in your case.

We recently did a platform migration (Tru64 to Linux) and were
informed that not only does Support not do this, but if you do it on
your own, they /will not/ support you afterwards. The rational is that
strange and subtle things can go wrong, and they don't want to end up
troubleshooting problems that are the result of missing a step in the
migration. Suggest you ask the question before going that route.

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