Ive had to log a call with Symantec, but its a real, real problem :-((

The original PHYSICAL SERVER was NODE03. The Virtual Name was HOME1
nbemmcmd -listhosts shows NODE03 but it does not show the new Media
Server HOME1

Cant add it, as it believes it exists.
Because Media is obviously assigned to NODE03 and possibly HOME1, I
think this is causing the biggest headaches!

Not even sure if I can change NODE03 to become HOME1 or something?? Dont
see anything that can help !

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> Subject:      Server Not seen in Device Config Wizard - Help please
> :-(
> Hi Guys
> I have migrated over to new hardware, and went to install a new SAN
> Media Server, and although the install is fine, no errors and services
> are started, I have a problem...
> When running Device Config Wizard, my Server name is not appearing!
> Originally my new SAN Media Server (Home1) was part of a cluster.
> HOME1 was a virtual name. the Physical was NODE03
> When I logon to HOME1, and launch the NetBackup Admin Console, and
> select the Server name I get this message:
> "The server SERVER1 is not a NetBackup Master or Media Server. Please
> choose a different server"
> But it is ... got the license installed as well.
> If I goto the master, type in NBEMMCMD -listhosts it is not listed.
> But if I run the command.... I get this result
> nbemmcmd -addhost -machinename HOME1 -machinetype media -masterserver
> NBUMaster -netbackupversion 6.5.6 -operatingsystem windows
> NBEMMCMD, Version:6.5.6
> Host already exists in the EMM database.
> Command did not complete successfully.
> This used to be a VIRTUAL NAME Server Entry for a Box that has died. A
> decision was taken to give the NEW Server HOME1
> I think this is part of the problem, but I am unable to find a
> resolution to this !! Any ideas???
> Regards
> Simon 

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